Acoustic Ceiling

    We supply and install acoustic ceiling in Kenya and across the East African region. Contact us today for the most affordable acoustic ceiling installation.

    Acoustic ceiling can be used to enhance and optimize the quality of sound and keep noise levels contained within a wide range of spaces and building projects.

    Acoustic ceiling is widely used in;

    • schools
    • offices
    • music studios
    • lecture theatres
    • multi-purpose halls
    • interview rooms
    • training rooms
    • cinemas

    If you are looking for the most appropriate acoustic ceiling installation solution in Kenya, then contact us today, we have amazing solutions for you.

    Benefits of acoustic ceiling;


    The thermal insulation of acoustic ceiling tiles is more than six times that of gypsum board, which contributes to maintaining room comfort and results in savings in terms of cooling and heating costs.

    Acoustics (NRC - Noise Reduction Coefficient)

    Thanks to the tiles’ high noise reduction coefficient (NRC), 55% to 60% of sound is absorbed within the room and the reverberation time of soundwaves are reduced, making a pleasant office environment.

    Acoustics (CAC- Ceiling Attenuation Class)

    CAC indicates a suspended acoustic ceiling's ability to block sound traveling through a plenum when the wall does not extend full height. High CAC values indicate higher levels of sound insulation between rooms.

    In addition to the good absorption Daiken has a high ceiling attenuation coefficient (CAC) of 36 decibels which equates to less sound transfer from room to room. Together these acoustic qualities make it easy to create comfortable interior spaces.

    Fire Resistance

    Acoustic ceiling tiles are also non-combustible and do not emit toxic gas or smoke, melt, break or become deformed under normal fire conditions, thereby protecting ceiling areas from fire.


    Acoustic ceiling tiles can be reused – 100%. This means, in case you want to move offices, they can carefully be removed and reinstalled at the new office premises.

    This is not the case with other ceiling options like gypsum.

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